Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Investigate a Person Online for Free

There are countless reasons why we would need to do a background check on someone. The most common reasons are employing a new person, renting our apartment to a stranger or even checking up on the new neighbor. These are all common reasons that have become a standard today; after all, we all care about our safety and the safety of our family and friends.

There are ways we can investigate someone online for free, thanks to many background check websites these days. These websites give us access to the public records database and allow us to run through all the files located in the database provided that we do a comprehensive search.

In order to investigate a person you need as much information as possible. The basic thing you need is a person's full name. If you have the real name of the person you wish to investigate the rest will be easier, if not try to find out the person's cell phone or email. There are websites that will allow you to find who the owner of the email is and there are also services allowing a reversal phone trace. Once you find out the person's real name and other information you can visit the local county clerk's office and submit a request to view public records of that person. But why do that when you can do so online for free in just a few minutes.

You can also look for information like the person's place of birth as well as that person's current place of residence. Information like marriage status and similar details will also help you search for all the needed info much faster.

The only thing left with all the information you have gathered is to find a website that provides a background check service. Some state government websites offer that service for free, but they mostly limit their results to the state. Private background check website on the other hand offer a comprehensive country wide access to the public records database and they will allow you to access all the needed details.

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