Saturday, May 26, 2012

Misnamed Payday Loan Initiative Under Attack

The state of Missouri is pushing a measure titled "Payday Loan Initiative" which consumers are objecting the misleading name. The measure on the ballot is pushing for restricting payday loans in their state. The group, Stand Up Missouri, is fighting this measure expressing the concern that if passed, the residents will no longer have a choice to obtain traditional installment loans ( TILs). This safe and affordable alternative loan is grouped in with payday loans and if passed, they will no longer be offered.

Payday loans online or "brick and mortar" stores offer short-term loans based on an easy application and fast money transaction once approved. The loans carry high interest fees and the loan term runs on average just a few short weeks, or until your next paycheck arrives. Many people who opt for these loans end up in a cycle of debt when they are not able to pay the amount back as planned. If many do pay them off in time, but then will need another to cover the lack of income and so forth and so on.

TILs are regulated loans and very popular with Missouri residents. The loans are paid off in equal monthly installments over a predetermined time in relation to the size of the loan. It is very similar to what is expected with a mortgage or car loan from a bank or credit union. The TILs continue to differ from traditional payday loans by giving the borrower a chance to build their credit as they pay off their loan. A similarity to a payday loan is that people who do not have good enough credit to be considered for a traditional banks loan can obtain a TIL and build their finances back to a positive place.

Stand Up Missouri is fighting the name on the measure as the title only mentions "payday" loans but includes the favored TILs. People need to be educated as to what would happen if it is voted through. The people have a right to know what they are voting on and the title alone is very misleading. Those who feel disdain against the payday loan industry will automatically vote it through unknowingly putting a stop to the TILs.

A nonpartisan coalition, Stand Up Missouri has dedicated itself to informing the residents of Missouri that having credit choices is their right. This measure is after capping interest rates to eliminate small-dollar loans. Payday loans and TILs both fit the description and Missourians will no longer have the right to choose.

The state may have the best interest for their residents, but a misleading title and taking away options which can work for many customers have people fighting for their rights. Payday loans online or storefront locations have helped people out of financial messes. Labeled as a safer and more affordable installment loan, TILs have been helping Missouri residents get out of debt while building their credit scores back up. Consumers are supporting Stand Up Missouri's efforts to educate the residents about the misnamed payday loan initiative.

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